We provide full range of dental treatments
for our patients.

We provide full range of dental treatments for our patients.

3D Digital Dentistry

No temporary restorations

No second appointment will be necessary

Only one set of local aesthetic

No bulky impression of your mouth

The doctor is in complete control of the result

All you have to do is to relax

As a forward-thinking dynamic practice, Lounge.Dental we are proud to present our own in-house ceramic studio in Windham, NH.


Using this technology, we can produce any kind of tooth restoration. Discolored and chipped teeth can be repaired using porcelain veneers or crowns. Fractured or broken down molars can be restored using inlays, onlays , full coverage or partial crowns. We can manufacture or repair implant crowns as well.

With this advanced system, we can quickly restore damaged teeth during the same visit.


These are anti-abrasive and plaque resistant restorations. Computer Aided Design technology (CAD- CAM) provides unprecedented precision and a clean, non-messy process throughout your appointment.


Family Dentistry

Let us help you and all members of your family achieve excellent dental health with strong teeth and gums.

Based on a comprehensive dental health check, we create your own up to date Personalized Risk Assessment. This will help you understand why we recommend the right treatment for you. These procedures may include thorough dental hygiene programs and preventative treatments, orthodontics, restorations, gum and implant therapies. No matter what your needs are, we provide a personalized program

Lounge.Dental is a family-friendly practice where children and young people of all ages are welcome. That’s because we believe good habits start early.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A wide variety cosmetic options like porcelain veneers, composite bonding, tooth whitening, smile makeovers, Invisalign treatment, crowns and bridges we provide to enhance your smile.

Following the precise smile design protocols by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) and teaming up with industry leading dental technicians to we create beautiful smiles. Our aim is always to balance optimal and long-term function with improved appearance.

We continue to ensure that we are at the forefront of the latest techniques, with completion of many postgraduate courses.

Restorative Dentistry

Dental restoration, commonly known as a ‘ composite filling’, is a simple and effective way of restoring a tooth. This approach allows a patient to keep a tooth for many more years. We work with the top dental laboratories in the US to produce porcelain restorations that are of the finest quality. You can expect a modern, tooth colored material to be used to restore your teeth to their natural look.

Sedation Dentistry

In hospitals, would you expect the surgeon to manage the anesthesia/sedation process as well? Didn’t think so.
Dr.V works with a dedicated Anesthesiologist Doctor who manages and monitors every second of the sedation. This is not only the ultimate safety protocol, but with two doctors, speeds up the procedure. This shortens the time the patient is under sedation.
Lounge.Dental just received a general anesthesia/deep sedation permit for our location.
We hold ourselves to the highest standards – that is why we are the best choice for your family.

We work with most insurance companies, including these ones:

We provide exceptional experiences to all our customers.